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1982: The Alfa Romeo 182

Alfa Romeo’ racing division Autodelta signed up racing car constructor Gerard Ducarouge for the 1982 Formula One season. Decarouge turned the Ligier team into a winning team in the past few years. 1982 also saw Andrea de Cesaris return to the Alfa Romeo team, replacing Mario Andretti. With the return of de Cesaris sponsoring by Marlboro was secured for the new season. The first race of the 1982 season the team had to use the old 179-D cars with a V8 engine; the new chassis and V12 were not ready yet.


1981: The Alfa Romeo 179 C / 179 D

Alfa-Models-Alfa-179For the 1981 season Alfa Romeo managed to sign up former world champion Mario Andretti. Andrea de Cesaris went to the other Marlboro-sponsored team, McLaren. After the fatal accident of Depailler, the FIA banned aerodynamics that created a vacuum underneath the car for the 1981 season. Alfa was one of the few teams to build a legal car; other teams used so called active suspension to bypass FIA regulations. Of course this had a negative effect on Alfa’s competitiveness. Autodelta started testing a new 1.5 litre V8 turbo charged engine for the next season.